Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can’t find my photos?

Rapid Shooters takes photos for Commercial Rafting Companies and Private Self Guided trips on the Kennebec and Dead Rivers.

Self Guided – If you rafted with a private self guided trip, i.e. a friend or family member was your guide, then you with find your photos under the Self Guided calendars below.

Raft Companies – If you booked a trip with a Commercial Raft Company listed below just click on their name to be redirected to purchasing info.

  • How do I order all my photos from one day?

To order all of the photos from one raft in JPEG digital format – select All Images from One Raft. Order from any thumbnail in your gallery.

  • Can I have different images in the (3) 5×7 print package?

Different images are permitted. Order from one of the thumbnails and please note the ID# of which photos you would like in info box of the ordering menu.

  • Important Notes

  • Website gallery photos are low-resolution images allowing for faster viewing and browsing.
  • Purchased JPEGs are exact copies of original files but with high resolution. We use these same files to produce prints as large as 20×30.
  • There are no copyright restrictions on JPEG purchases. Copy, print, and/or distribute the images any way you wish.
  • Finished prints are high quality photographs produced from original files.
  • Prices are exclusive of tax, but include postage and handling charges.
  • Inquire about discounts for additional rafts or days.
  • Charge on your credit card statement or on-line account will be from Rapid Shooters Inc.